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Last day to win ME #LITECOIN!!!! BLACK FRIDAY #CRYPTO SALE!! Follow me on Facebook.
Facebook Live 12/22/17

32 thoughts on “Bitcoin Ben | BLACK FRIDAY CRYPTO SALE!

  1. Enjoying your video's Ben! Be very careful driving out there. I hope I am wrong but I had a vision you were drowning. Maybe sliding off an icy bridge with your truck?

  2. Time to Get Sober Benny Boy! Charlie Lee Gave us All a Hard Fuck today!   OK'he was Honest when he said he Cashed in 100% of his Holdings. This was not Smart to do it All at once. He caused an Unnecessary Shockwave to All Faithful Litecoin Holders.  Not Good Charlie!

  3. Thanks for being you BITCOIN BEN!!!! I know my birthday is Dec 21st and the date the dip started but I ain't Nostradamus. However, my guess came true that I made over a week ago and commented on 12/12/17. I was calling for 13-14k BTC, 400 ETH, and 175 LTC. I guess it went lower in BTC but didn't drop as much in Eth like I thought. However, nearly spot on LTC. My comment in both those YT say 13-14k, 400 Eth and 175 LTC. I remember I was actually gonna type 150 but bumped it up 25 for the heck of it to not seem too bearish. Lol. 150 in my head, 175 in plain sight. LTC: LTouRbMC9SrEeQPU5g541Q98pU8vqyAYTf

  4. I lost approx 30 percent of my portfolio panic selling at the dip today.
    Lesson learned, never sell low.
    I would really appreciate if you gave me one of the Ltecoins which youre giving away.
    My ltc address:


  5. While I don't understand the bigger picture, other than what Bitcoin Ben says, "A deflationary currency that is easily accessible to the entire world" and Charlie Lee out there continuing to develop it, what is going on now is understandable.
    There is so much thrashing about in the market, crypto fricken jumped hundreds of percent in a very short time, then all the new people coming in, and Bitcoin-Cash getting introduced like a boulder hitting the water. We can expect a lot a big waves.
    Hopefully this will settle down, and then it will be up, up, up.
    (the only thing I don't like is that regular people aren't going to like using it as currency when the fricken price jumps up and down 50% in a week. People are going to buy high and then get burned, or they will buy something with it and then the price will jump up and they will kick themselves for making the purchase. It's just too volatile to want to use to buy and sell things.)

  6. Disaster day with Litecoin for me ? I’ve just invested with ETORO and when it dropped they sold most of my litecoines at a 50% loss without my consent.. it’s a mistake or a (scam) by them but will I and many others get refunded back.. its cost me thousands and many other people I bet .. let’s hope they do the right thing and refund people 😪😪 I’m not having a good start

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