Crypto doesn’t NEED Wall Street – Ripple Lawsuit Denied! – Fomo3D pot $7.8Mil – Pay DISH bill w/BCH

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Last Day – Teespring cBc MERCH!
DGB is in an uptrend
Ripple Lawsuit Denied!
Tron ad on UTorrent
Bitcoin Classic?
Crypto doesn’t need Wall Street
British Virgin Islands Crypto Market 2nd Largest in the World
Binance doesn’t list Shizzcoins
Fomo3D pot is $7.8Million
Pay DISH bill with BCH and BTC
Mainnet launches 3Q

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47 thoughts on “Crypto doesn’t NEED Wall Street – Ripple Lawsuit Denied! – Fomo3D pot $7.8Mil – Pay DISH bill w/BCH

  1. Chris you're doing a great job …and you always come out with most the news everyday….only thing you have to do is just ignore the trolls ..they are trying just to troll you honestly lol

  2. What dos everybody think will we be at 190,087,039,905 on Monday or stay at $215,987,039,905 or up we go ? Cryto Excanges need to get more responsable and kick the manipulatos off there site . We just need a Major Bank(Commonwealth Bank or Westpack ,NAB in Australia) Foodchain there are only 3 big ones in Australia Mc Donalds KFC Hungry Jacks (Coles , Woolworths in Australia) or supermarket to accept and use for crypto to fly

  3. Hey CBC. I think it's excellent you are looking at DGB ( although this is not financial advice! lol) Can't wait to hear more news about it. Great video, as always.

  4. That is likely a registration of a business before Hong Kong decided to make it harder. A lot of people do that to operate in China. So a shell office doesn't surprise me at all.

    On ripple, not surprised it was denied. Sounds like they got shit lawyers. It is why people laugh at those that choose to defend themselves, they will always lose.

    Don't mess with corporations and their army of lawyers. They know where all the lines not to cross and those they can cross for a bit. You will always lose without a legendary lawyer. 😂

  5. Great as always Chris even though I call you out on stuff from time to time it’s not to Put you down I know your doing your best and appreciating the feedback from everyone or even a correction of what you have read out, I don’t know why these people are giving you the Thumbs Down! When your totally transparent and honest in your views and like to be corrected if wrong. Keep up the good work!

    Oh yeh your right about Justin Sun I would want someone like that on my team all day everyday!! So these coins that think they can just do an ico take the money and then make a little noise and hope people will stay with them are definitely going to fade away..

    I think Zilliqa has realised this now and has employed this top woman who set Google Play on Fire 🔥! By revamping it and making it a success she has moved over to. Zilliqa now she a Very smart Marketing Person who was able to bring all the right Partnerships for Google Play so Watch this Space for Zilliqa!

    Digibytes CEO was on the BadCrypto Podcast over a month ago I liked his chat seems like DGB will be going somewhere the price was low before the podcast over a month ago and seems to be picking up a lot of Traction! I’m not doing your job just thought you would like to know.

  6. Very well done, Thank You!.01010011 01100001 01110100 01101111 01110011 01101000 01101001 01111001 01100001 01101011 01100001 01101101 01101111 01110100 01101111

  7. Hey Chris. Just want to let you know your the first crypto channel I watch because your news is what I’m looking for to stay updated on these crypto markets.

  8. Great vid! And I agree that Justin works hard, but he's been underhanded, i.e. spreading lies about his competitors. Specifically he was throwing some really dirty allegations against Cardano. When Charles called him out and invited him to an open peer review comparing their respective blockchains, Justin refused and just threw out more accusations and insults. In this process he lost my respect, and my trust for the integrity of Tron.

  9. This beloved crypto space, has butchered my meaning of the word "partnership". Put a banner add on a website or service and that is now a "partnership"? When ever I hear the word "partnership" now I immediately call BS. Remember the FOMO last year with the rumour of ripple getting onto coinbase, so many people buying around ATH, what a big fraud that was. So many bullshit articles out there, it is very hard to believe anything anymore. Unfortunately Chris, you can be a part of the problem. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.
    Keep up the good work buddy.

  10. Bitcoin Classic? LoL… Next coin on coinbase… We have almost 1800 coins, i think that 95% of the coins should dissapear, we don't need em…

  11. I havent ever thought you spread fud, and i know ive seen you show both sides always, this show is great, Thanks for the time you put in getting the videos out, your the man!

  12. don't know if anyone has said this but your intro sound is super loud compared to your voice. I scared the shit out of myself clicking your video on the surround sound.

  13. Yea man we have been hitting CZ up on twitter for several days now to get his response to the 400 BTC fee for listing on his exchange – of course no response until this nonsense. —-Keep up the good work Chris!

  14. I think the same thing about Tron, the coin gets a lot of hate, but most of the people are Missing the point, Justin is working hard to get his coin to the top , at the end this kid is hungry and he’ll drive Tron to higher places, it looks like he don’t stop working and that’s good .

  15. Jumping right into the Market !Thanx CBC, I agree w tron, I dont hold any right now, I made money w trx got in 3 cents sold at 9 (it hit .11) in april may, its a good time to buy. Justin Sun at least stays in the news buys companies and tech for trx.

  16. The judge refused to keep the Ripple lawsuit in state court. The case has been transferred to federal court which is advantageous to Ripple. The case was not dismissed.

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