Daily Bitcoin Projections: TA From A Full Time Crypto Trader

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We address a follow up on Ripple Technical Analysis in this video as well as our daily bitcoin technical analysis and update. Featuring entries, targets, and brief summaries of my previous videos to create our follow ups and bring you up to date.

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Our goal is to help you prosper in this volatile and bearish crypto market by providing you with the proper tools and knowledge in a simple and organized format that will allow you the best odds of profiting. We give trading strategies and fundamental updates as well as take away all the strenuous research involved in finding reliable content creators and crypto resources.

As such, our discord channel is a ONE STOP shop for all your crypto needs. Airdrops, bounties, trading signals, altcoins, daily bitcoin updates, fundamental coin reviews, requests, personalized.

The rest of what I write is just for SEO 🙂

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