HIS RX 570 FIXED with 6 card mod Working mining Rig

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I was fixed my His RX 570 ICEQ x2 Turbo 4G Ethereum Rig (Elpida Memory) can runing 6 Card without errors on Windows 10.
It’s runing with ~28MH/s Hashrate Eth, ~940w power on the wall.
With normal AMD driver, You can not run 6 or above (7 or 8) rx 570, 580 card. Your Windows will not boot or Crash when try to install 6 VGA driver, the only way is run with 5 VGA Card

This Fixed driver Can use for AMD RX 570 and RX 580 all brand Card: MSI, Sapphire, HIS, PowerColor, XFX, Gigabyte, Asus, ect…

You need clear uninstall all AMD driver (use amdcleanuputility:
Download & Extract Fixed driver (Mix of 16.11.5-Nov25 and 17.5.1-May4 latest AMD version)
Don’t run Setup.exe, just manual install driver via Computer managerment for each card (follow steps in the Video)

UPDATE NEW AMD BlockChain driver:
Buy RIG components:
XFX Rs XXX Edition Rx 570 4GB (similar with HIS)
Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX 570 4GB:
Newest 009s PCI-E Riser:
4 in 1 PCI-E Riser Adapter Board:
FSP 1200w PSU:
6 PCIe Gigabyte Motherboard:
ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ 13GPU Mining Motherboard:
Thanks to one member of Bitcointalk forum.
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44 thoughts on “HIS RX 570 FIXED with 6 card mod Working mining Rig

  1. I am using msi z270 m3 motherboard i have 6 gpu so i connected 3 m.b detect 3 gpu when i add 4th m.b not detect 4th even in device manager not showing kindly help how i detect more 3 so total 6 gpu with this mb

  2. Hello, I am an Spanish speaker, and hope you can understand my question, I have a rig with one rx470 and other four rx570, the six one rx 570 can not be installed, when I connect it, the windows does not star and the screen becomes black. Do you think the advice you give in this video can fix my fix my problem? Thanks in advance

  3. If on start I should have made 7 ethers per month (that didn't happened), after 3 months same rig is only doing 0.78 ether per month, I wonder what are the odds to reach 0. In 3 months it made me 6 ethers, and it consumed 200 dollars energy. And more then that, the video cards are getting tired.. I was pulling 163.4 Mh/s on start, now i get 155-154 Mh/s and dropping. So from what I see it… until i get to 0 MH/s, I probably will recover the investement. I wonder what i earn from this… The hashrate is dropping too much, and the ether price won't pay off, in the end what you will make will most likely go on your energy bill. Maybe it was profitable before when the ether price jumped from 12 dollars to 60, and from 60 to 180, then to almost 400, cus then you were doing a lot more ethers, but now I wouldn't advice anyone going for it!

  4. I used Bity.com to swap my ethers to euro to my bank account. I've sent the ethers to the given address, the transaction was succesfull as etherscan says it, my balance is 1 from 3 ethers, but on Bity it says at status: Cancel. And my amount in my bank account is the same. So they took the ethers, but no refound back or euro paid. I will review the status, when the problem is fixed, if they do fix it. Since I've sent them message about it, and also posted it on the Bity facebook. So watch out with Bity, cus they have issues!

  5. @bitDad: is this method still relevant or I should use latest AMD drivers instead? I am using AMD MB: Gigabyte GA-990FX-Gaming and FX 4350 CPU with 4x RX 580 and 1x RX 470 and my machine doesnt recognize fifth GPU for some reason in Win 10 OS.

  6. I have 2 cards, I could already make bios mod to the strix rx 570, but I had an aorus rx 580 working at 28Mh, but when I did bios mode at the rx 570 (28Mh) the hasrate of the 580 low at 24Mh..why? you can help me?

  7. I have the same problem as this guy. Only 3 cards work, 3 cards have yellow triangle? I have ASUS Z170-E (Bios 3401) motherboard, please help

  8. thinking of doing this with 2 570s and 1 480. is this possible? I know it would get a very low eth per hour but Im planning on holding onto them 🙂

  9. you driver for download (Mix of 16.11.5-Nov25 and 17.5.1-May4 latest AMD version), request first configuration bios or no ? to 28mh's?

  10. BigDad, I have instabilitity in Windows with card after bios mod with no overclock/no mining. Driver Crashes screen goes blue and then blank.
    In my xfx rx470 hynix 4gb I used the following straps.
    1) 1500 => 1750 & 2000
    2) 1425 => 1625
    3) 1375 => 1425 & 1500
    Do you think it can help? Or do you think I should just reinstall driver after bios mod?

  11. Hello,

    I installed windows, afterwards i used amdcleanuputility, restarted pc, went as you showed us in tutorial, to device manager, picked 1st card, used the driver you linked, and after the driver was installed, when i went to the 2nd video card to repeat the actions, it says the latest drivers were installed, and it says same for the next 4 as well. The problem is that 3 of them are properly installed but the other 3 have a yellow triangle with a ! sign in it. So what should I do ?! pls

  12. I have a question about new gpu 500 series because in some forums said that these gpu needs more connectors. It's true? and I want to know to buy power supply.

    Wich of this power supply works to connect 6 gpu rx 570 or 580 and if they have enough connectors



  13. So i do this first and than i can proceede to patch graphics mode them and start them in windows test mode so that modified drivers would work.
    I got 28.7 mhsh when i mod them but only 4 – 5 work. . .

  14. Can someone help me. i have 6 RX 570 4 g elpida and dont know how to flash it to get overclock… right now it pulls so much power and gives off so much heat.

  15. Nice. Is official 17.5.1 still bugged that you have to use mix of newest and older one? I'm still on linux at 165 MH/s @ 800Watts on wall, don't know if it's worth trying again on Windows… anyway thanks for the driver! solution

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