Is Bitcoin The Ultimate, Risk Free Asset? Trace Mayer Says Yes!

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The Bitcoin legend Trace Mayer, returns to bring us up to date with Bitcoin’s current trend and how to understand the ‘Mayer Multiple’.
Trace also explains to us why we could be entering the greatest economic awakening in the history of humanity, with Bitcoin being just the beginning.

01:00 “Bitcoin is the hardest money we have ever seen”
04:40 What is the Mayer Multiple?
07:45 Weak players shaken out by the bear market
17:20 Humanity’s great economic awakening
35:00 Where to find the Bitcoin knowledge podcast

22 thoughts on “Is Bitcoin The Ultimate, Risk Free Asset? Trace Mayer Says Yes!

  1. never heard such nonsense. Apple stock is an alt coin? Go F yourself idiot. Can tell the guy has little to offer when going back to Bitcoin being finite as a talking point

  2. Pumping bitcoin 1 min and Trump the next. You're all over the place. Trump and the globalist do NOT want bitcoin to dominate. Keep trusting Trump to your own doom. He is not smart enough for any sort of chess. He's failed time and time again in his life and this time the U.S. will fail with him and bitcoin to the MOON.

  3. Very true and for those thinking bitcoin is bad because it Lost 70% of its value Tell me an asset that had gone from less than a dollar to 7000 dollars in 9 years . That reminds me about the time went bitcoin went from 120 dollars to 30 dollars a lot people complained i'm sure they are very happy now with bitcoin at 7000 . Just wait on it and you will be happy.

  4. Btc is crap. Governments will ban it because it cant be regulated which will mean exchanges will drop it and no company will deal with it.

  5. BTC can't scale. BCH and ETH for the win. We already have Gold as a store of value. What we need is peer to peer money for real transactions.

  6. So what's the alternative if not this? It's not like the system we have in place is working all that well. I'm in favor of a new way of thinking, a new way or transacting, a decentralized system, freedom, global opportunity, etc. Appreciate Trace's insights. Thank you both.

  7. Bitcoin and all cryptos as of Dec 2017 are 100 percent controlled by the powers that be.Just like the Gold and Silver market are.Which will it be standing in the end Bitcoin,ACChain,Holochain,Kinesis,Gold or any of the other couple of thousand cryptos?Nobody knows!!!!

  8. "Trace Mayer says YES"? Good – then let him buy that garbage! He and all other Bitcoin promoters are too stupid to realize that they are helping to dig their own graves.

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