JM Bullion 10 oz silver rounds spot price deal

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Pick up 10 ounces of new silver rounds for spot price at:

Use BitPay app on your phone to pay with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

9 thoughts on “JM Bullion 10 oz silver rounds spot price deal

  1. Good Morning Silvertooth! Thank you for your feedback on our product and our company! We are very glad to hear that you had good experiences with JM Bullion. We look forward to watching your future unboxing videos! Again thank you for sharing!

  2. Silvergoldbull dot com also has a 10 oz bar at spot price with free shipping (that looks pretty nice also). They accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and even Dash which I thought was interesting.

  3. im not a fan of silver at all and im proud to say that i do not own a single ounce. the only silver i own is some rawdog silver gram cards.

  4. nice deal. i just grabbed some silver eagles last night. Silvertooth- in one of your previous vids you talked about being leery of spending your cryptos just yet on bullion because of tax implications I believe. Did I misunderstand or did your outlook change?

  5. I understand your frustration with cryptos but DGB or THETA would be a better investment if only for the fact that the police can't show up on a whim and "forfeit" all your cryptos like they can your metal

  6. So far I bought majority of my silver from SD. I will try JM next. I would like to see the day when we are able to trade 1oz silver for one BTC. Thanks ST.

  7. После того, как я получил 20 тысяч бесплатных монет у Одиссеи airdrop of / airdrop-odyssey, я начинаю доверять халяве :)))

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