Litecoin Meets DigiByte

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7 thoughts on “Litecoin Meets DigiByte

  1. nothing to do with this video but just tried to buy 12 litecoin from coinbase and they said it was going to take up to 1 week. I think they are running short on litecoin anyone else having this trouble ?

  2. Wake up and smell the coffee there is no comparison when you compare Litecoin to Digibyte. Digibyte is the BULLDOZER OF ALL COINS AND TOKENS!!! MORE SECURE, 10 TIMES FASTER, ALL EXCHANGES DONE ON CHAIN, THE FIRST TO HAVE 5 ALGOR YTHMS and I can go on and on and on!!! take the top 50 and throw it at Digibyte and it can handle all the transactions and much more!!!!

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