Massive Institutions Preparing A Huge Entry Into Cryptocurrency.

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48 thoughts on “Massive Institutions Preparing A Huge Entry Into Cryptocurrency.

  1. Thanks Alex great job. The big money is knocking on the door harder and harder. Maybe they can shake up the sec so this process can be expedited in a timely manner. The have the power and influence to do it. Wayne from Boise , Idaho.

  2. They're at a point to where if they can't beat us they will join us. Crypto is here to stay and only the strong will survive. 99.9 % wont make it but very few will and the ones that make it will fuckin shoot to Pluto

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  4. I'm super paranoid. I honestly believe that certain exchanges, if not all of them, may have a problem with its users interacting with these exchanges

  5. Alex, check out this message i got from my bank yesterday. ING is the biggest bank in Holland.

    Dear sir …….,

    The world around us is changing through technological progress and the needs of you as a customer. Of course we change. Due to this development, the payment transactions at banks will be much faster in 2019. Then money is transferred and received, also from or to another bank, within a few seconds. Not only on weekdays, but also on weekends and public holidays. We call that Instant Payments.

    Payment transactions are getting faster
    We have already started preparations for this. We do this step by step. As a first step, we will process part of the payment orders on all days (books). Examples include payment orders via Mobile Banking and My ING. These assignments are now reserved at the weekend and will not be processed until Monday.

    We adjust our conditions
    When this first step is ready, it is not yet known. This is expected to happen in the last months of this year. We will inform you about this. Because of these changes, we are already adjusting our conditions as of 15 November 2018. For an explanation of the adjusted conditions, more information about Instant Payments and the steps here, look here

    Of course we keep you informed about important developments. Do you have questions? Then contact us. We are happy to help you.


    Director Customer Service

  6. I had to sub. So much crazy hype here. So many delusions of grandeur. So entertaining. I work inpatient psychiatry, and the content of the videos and the comments is similar to the stories I hear at work.

  7. phone calls are being made, market is being manipulated for every investment company to position themself. did we really think they were gonna buy in at .50?

  8. Fiat currency and crypto are ugly cousins. Infinite dilution comes into play with both: Despite a limited number of nations, an infinite quantity of each particular currency can be created out of thin air. And despite the amount of any particular crypto being limited, an infinite quantity of new types of cryptos can be created out of thin air. So they are of the same handicap, only inverse. Telling oneself this doesn't matter because people will always choose Bitcoin is like telling oneself there's nothing to worry about fiat currency because the dollar will always reign supreme. This sort of wishful thinking is not for me. I prefer the crushingly superior properties of gold and silver, as neither they, nor metals of similar property, can be created out of thin air to an infinite degree.

  9. Don't trust JP Morgan or any bank. Their only purpose in entering the crypto space is to control it and ultimately destroy it to preserve the corrupt fiat based financial system. It all smells fishy to me.

  10. If BG123 is right and we hit $589+ per XRP this year. The biggest issue will be how the hell do we unload even 1000 xrp at that point? Im hoping the Bakkt exchange will be the answer, becasue i dont see another one at the moment where i can sell off $600,000 in crypto?

  11. Guys fuck 589 and follow the dots to success. It’s not something that will happen overnight. Relax and take a breath of fresh air. Xrp is a long term hold so don’t expect miracles overnight 👍

  12. Why is it that everyone seems to think that prices can't keep falling for the next few months? Even if Institutions are getting involved, theres no rush for them, they are the ones who move the needle. So why wouldn't they wait for lower prices? better accumulation opportunities? Expect Bitcoin to drop as low as $2,500

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