Predictions & Reasons XRP Ripple

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None of what I say is financial advice. I am not giving anyone financial advice. Have an amazing day, ladies and gents!:)

20 thoughts on “Predictions & Reasons XRP Ripple

  1. Hi! I really like the video content, and i also would like to suggest if you could possibly create a video to cover the entire screen. Maybe you could adjust the video recording from vertucal to horizontal . Cheers!

  2. Love your content, but I was sad to see die on Game of Thrones- you should have finished off The Mountain when you had the chance! Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi, thanks for spending the time to do these videos.
    Agree with what you say except about XLM, they are not going after the same market as XRP

    Coinbase have actually said they are "considering" several assets, not that they are definitely going to list a particular asset.
    Coinbase statement seems a bit overhyped to me, a bit like the SEC who have not yet in any way formally stated BTC & ETH are not securities.For all who say the security issue is settled please direct me to the written confirmation of any such SEC decision.

  4. Yes, your comments were spot on. There is still strife between coinbase and XRP. So it does make sense that petty issues exist. My focus is what the FED, IMF, SBI, UN said and they said they want to adopt XRP platform for cross-border payments. This is all I need to hear.

  5. No one actually knows what the price is going to be . The only reason of hodling Xrp is its use case that we believe will be adopted globally in the near future , say 1- 3 years. Just Hodl !
    I think Xlm isn't a threat to Xrp , not at all !

  6. I do not understand your point regarding XLM, there is absolutely no threat. The price doesnt matter, foundation is important. Ripple has a ton of partnerships, Stellar has literally no (I IBM but this is very old). Even if XLM hits a higher price it will not matter

  7. Your channel is really growing on me. Found myself listening to 3-4 of your videos in succession. Really good insights and interesting view points. Good thoughts Rob.

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