Ripple -XRP- Weekly Projection: Entries, Targets, and Profits

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Hey Everyone
I typically focus on Daily bitcoin technical analysis, however, today im also throwing in a video on ripple technical analysis, including some weekly targets, entries and profits we can expect.

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3 thoughts on “Ripple -XRP- Weekly Projection: Entries, Targets, and Profits

  1. Enjoyed the video. Subbed. So, looks like $.27-.30 is a good entry period for any length of investment, right? I have XRP from far higher in price and would like to add to my holdings for the long term (1+ years).

  2. Wow fantastic man you really came through. You're good at this. I'm excited to learn this too!

    At the 6:45 time I think toward the end you mention taking profits up to .40 Now since I intend to be a long term hodl'r and accumulate more by trading… I've gotta find out where to buy again. So thank you! I've gotta learn to read charts. Are we in for a bounce to .40, and then a dip… and bounce again? This is so interesting

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