What gives Cryptocurrency and Blockchain value? Why is it so big a deal? What’s the catch?

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BBT Carter talks to the core points around distributed ledger technology around Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. Leveraging 20 years of Technical Leadership Experience as a Sr. Solutions Architecture and Developer. While many points being made are my opinion based on my understanding of the likelyhood of possibilities in the space, I try to take a pragmatic approach to the current cryptocurrency and technology situation.

Much more detail of the builds will be in the video later this week.

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23 thoughts on “What gives Cryptocurrency and Blockchain value? Why is it so big a deal? What’s the catch?

  1. Thank you so much for the time you invested in this channel…wish me and you could sit down and talk…i currently run a 1.2 gigahash eth mining farm in my garage all thanks to you. ive learned to understand the space more due to your videos and being in the space for a year. Keep up the great work and ill spread the word on your channel.

  2. I was looking at your rig frame design, it is very close to what I came up with; but I used 3/4" and it looks like you used 1", also I used rivets and a corner vise to make it square. I had to cut off and lower the opposite end top rail for longer cards, (Sine they come in 48" sections: I made the foot print 12 x 24 which allows for 1.50 between cards).

    I was also looking at what looks like your home made extension cord, I stopped using 15 amp outlet plugs and started using the 20 amp, (grey face) outlets as they hold up a lot better. I have had some that became fatigued and just would not carry the juice and would pop every time my wife turned on a hair dryer. I have installed dedicated 20 amp breakers for each rig and it works well for me, ( I guess I could of went with 30 amp ), but it just seemed like over kill. I did go up to 14 sold copper awg wire, (yellow case) in the walls to the 20 amp outlets.

    Just a few things I came across along the way. I actually had a 15 amp ground fault outlet melt around the wire contacts on the back. The drop in the market slowed down the progress on my 12 x 30 building for my rigs, I wired 122 volt and 220 volt outlets, but haven't been able to move forward on a system to move the air.

    I think I am going to build a 3' x 3' wood boxes, that hold two rigs, one on each side of the bottom with air filters behind each rig on the bottom and a enclosed 20" box fax on top to draw cool air from floor level and push it out the top. I have a working design that will keep dust out, and creepy crawlers looking for a home. lol

    The one area I feel like I have to get smarter on is how to get the best performance out of my cards for the least amount of power. Thanks for uploading the vid to YT Carter. It will go up as it gets cold again. I know it is small compared to your $17K power bill, but I am pushing $700 bucks a month now, and that was okay when I was mining $100 buck a day of Ethereum. I now shut the rigs down during the hottest times of day, and fire them up at sun down. I have been mining ETC, and after about 10 coins, I will mine a 0.50000000 ETH and then switch back. Since I am just making enough to pay for the electric, it has given me the opportunity to test out mining some coins I haven't mined before.

    Mining is for patient types.


  3. Very balanced view of what is happening in Crypto world. Let's face it, it is all more about the sense of what we are doing and less about mining and quick gains. The time that a couple of GPU rigs paid the rent is over (for ever)

  4. Scaling has been a topic since bitcoin started. Seems like this community lacks conviction to solve problems on scaling. I see more boom and bust cycles in future, just on a smaller scale.

  5. Yeah, seriously, can you become a professional movie maker for us real quick? Can you ever have a perfect video that fits all of your viewers, man…WTH! 😎

  6. Omar, Richart Heart and now you.
    How to interpret this when "old" faces are putting videos on BASIC education on…..
    I appreciate it anyhow, just noticing.

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