Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), ZepplinOS (ZEP) , Storj, OMG, EOS, Ethereum, Stellar (XLM), Bitcoin

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Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), ZepplinOS (ZEP) , Storj, OMG, EOS, Ethereum, Stellar (XLM), Bitcoin

Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) – exchange for game tokens
token is not for value but for utility
equity may be good or exchange may be good for trading video game assets, but I am not seeing huge potential in value of the token.

zepplin OS (ZEP)- OS for Ethereum
looks great – storj, decentraland, openbazaar
If this OS is as great as it looks, then its great for my Ethereum investment.

Storj – long term value of token?
Storj is great as a storage network and maybe the equity has value.
Also, it may be a great opp for people rent unused space on their hard drive.
the token seems OK, but I am not buying more.
Storj coin is not integral to the success of the storj platform.

OMG final vision will not be up for years so i am not buying more

EOS – I prefer Ethereum
EOS isn’t going away anytime soon, but I have my Dapp investment play with Ethereum and EOS may be great, but its not going to “kill” Ethereum.

Ethereum (ETH) looks great long term but no mass market apps launching soon and scaling is still a ways off. I love, it, but I am not putting more in at this time.

Stellar (XLM): I love it, but I have more than enough already.

Bitcoin BTC – buy BTC!

21 thoughts on “Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), ZepplinOS (ZEP) , Storj, OMG, EOS, Ethereum, Stellar (XLM), Bitcoin

  1. Y'know, the world's black market arms dealers, drug kingpins, tyrannical government dissenters, and sex traffickers will always need a solid privacy coin to transact their wares in. Why not place a split bet on some mix of Dash, Monero, Byteball, and Zcash?

  2. I love EOS, I've actually tried to convince you to buy it multiple times ( good thing you held back and waited ). At this point we seem to be going through another multi year bear market like in 2014. Gonna wait before buying in. I have been mainly in btc and usdt for months now.

    I also got into OMG at $1. However as for actually being used – I don't think people would appreciate everyone being able to see your entire payment history.

    I would love to hear you opinion on security tokens and coins associated with them. e.g. Polymath, Tzero and Ravencoin, record keep blockchains like fct, tnt and flo and also rchain ( which was made by a lot of the people from the ethereum foundation ) :). A lot to ask sorry >.<

  3. Can you analyze stellar based tokens such like slt, rmt? I bought xlm and saved in stellar wallet. And next i traded and bought slt in SDEX. Please analyze smartland token and I want to hear your opinion

  4. EOS token value (from what I understand): the token is required to secure ram,cpu & network resources for the dApp. A big dApp like everipedia will require a lot of EOS just to make transactions and store information on the blockchain.
    As an investor, you will be able to own EOS and "rent" it to the dApps to earn passive income. google "Chintai" and "Dan Larimer renting proposal" for more info.
    And like always, awesome video!

  5. | for your information;

    1) you make an eos account
    2) you use your active key to login with scatter (multiple tutorials out)
    3) you exchange! (but you can't because you recieved zero airdrops)

    Eos is far ahead of you Dave! if you ain't testing and learning this tech; you falling behind bro. I'll be honest; you are quite clueless in this video and the worst part is you are not even willing to try the tech because you are too lazy. When you call yourself a crypto expert and then are too lazy to test the tech…it makes zero sense to me why anyone would trust what you say…

  6. Dave Levine Dot Com
    how do you feel about "VeChain" now that its launched its "Mainet"?
    IM about to put $300 now that its below a penny. I feel veChain has a lot of potential for Tracking Wine, Cars, Purses, clothing lines etc.

  7. Hi Dave, do you still believe in the crypto currency market that it's a great way of investment or do you see a possibility it all going down to zero ? Because it seems like they either all go up or they all go down.

  8. Dave, I am a big fan of EOS, but even I won't put a single cent right now. I think there is more pain to come and much more attractive prices.

  9. EOS will have free storage by end of year. Research EOS if you like passive income. I have made 4% from selling 5 airdrops in the first 7 weeks of EOS being live. Also if you stake EOS looks like you will get 3-5% per year. My plan is to sell all my airdrops/dividens and buy more EOS so that I get even more airdrops. Could make 25%+ yearly from passive income on EOS just from staking and selling all airdrops. Serious compound interest passive income potential with EOS. I am all in on EOS right now, because it has the most passive income so in a down market I am still making money, but my top 4 are 1.) EOS 2.) Bitcoin 3.) Stellar 4.) Etherium

  10. Interesting points about Storj and the value of their token. I want to ask you, have you looked at Theta and their project? It's a similar idea to Storj. Turning bandwidth instead of HD space into an asset. I realize you're a busy man but if you have time I'd be interested in hearing your take on the project. It's one that I'm betting on. They already have their test site up and running.

  11. Follow the smart money mike novogratz is heavily invested in WAX he is no dummy the gaming industry is huge WAX will be the amazon of the crypto space buy now cheap cheap WAX 👍

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