Bitcoin Mining Training Program in India – launching in 30 cities

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DICCI and Mahabfic is working on Bitcoin Mining Training Program (BMTP) for self-employment…

The program will educate the students about blockchain technology, bitcoin/cryptocurrency mining, entrepreneurship,
startups and business establishment.

Bitcoin Mining Program in India – launching in 30 cities


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26 thoughts on “Bitcoin Mining Training Program in India – launching in 30 cities

  1. Bahut badhiya
    Best and best
    Agar is tarah se logo ko educated karne wala kam india me hoga to bahut best hoga
    Thanks for information

  2. very positive update. This news needs to spread. Indians are still in too much in FUD. This step is a pioneering brick. No soon ther will be a sector in Jobsites where you can apply in CRYPOTOCURRENCY sector. good news shared timely. thanx Alok.

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